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The Benefits of Semi-Private and
Personal Training Programs
Part 1 of 1
By: Jackie Wright

Last week’s column covered the benefits of small group training programs and this week we will feature the benefits of semi-private and personal training programs. First, let’s review the difference between semi-private and personal training programs. Semi-private training programs usually involve the qualified/certified trainer and a couple, or the trainer and two-three friends/co-workers that possess similar fitness goals and would like to share their training program improving their exercise adherence, dividing the program costs and increasing their exercise enjoyment.

Personal training programs, however, imply a one-on-one session(s) between the qualified/certified personal trainer and the client. And, while both programs have merit, below are some of the benefits of each which may enable you to decide which would be a better fit for your health and fitness needs. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Semi-Private Training Program Benefits

  • As mentioned earlier, the clients share in the program cost which is a significant benefit.
  • We would anticipate that each of the participants would complete a health history questionnaire and waiver of liability and consult with the trainer individually to determine if their goals/objectives will align with those of their husband/wife/significant other or friend/co-worker.
  • In a semi-private training program the trainer is able to track and progress the clients effectively due to the combination of the individual goals/objectives consultation described above, comprehensive fitness assessments, the small number of clients and their similar exercise goals/objectives.
  • And, while the personal trainer’s attention is shared among the clients, due to the very small size, the trainer is able to ensure the client’s safety and their ability to effectively perform the exercises leading to potentially outstanding results.
  • Accountability to one another may lead to improved exercise adherence which is another benefit to semi-private training programs.

Personal Training Program Benefits

  • There is probably not anyone that would not benefit from a well-designed personal training program. And, while there are some who just prefer working one-on-one rather than in a group or on their own, there are others that may require one-on-one sessions for a variety of reasons. Some populations such as elite/recreational athletes training for specific events/programs may need personal training/coaching sessions to work specifically on their ambitious training goals. Additionally, those in post-rehabilitation from surgery or injury, individuals with progressive diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, and those who are suffering from serious stability/balance issues due to age or injury, may require one-on-one sessions to safely and effectively train.
  • As with small group and semi-private training programs, you will complete a health history questionnaire and waiver of liability. And, the trainer will track and progress your program effectively based upon the combination of an individual goals/objectives consultation and comprehensive fitness assessment.
  • However, when you opt for a personal training program, the program is specifically designed for you alone.
  • The level of preparation required for each session, by the trainer, is significant. Hours are spent researching, creating and designing prior to every session providing you with a cutting-edge program.
  • The session schedule and fee structure is between you and your trainer.
  • Combine that with the professional, undivided attention you will receive and your investment is worth every cent.
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