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Efficient and Effective Workout Strategies
Part 1 of 1
By: Jackie Wright

In this busy world we live in, finding the time to workout and making certain that those workouts are effective can be challenging. There are however, efficient and effective workout strategies which, when applied consistently can lead to great results. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, consult your physician.

Strategy #1: Always have a plan and write it down!

  • Efficiency: determine on what specific days of the week, specific times of day and specific duration your workouts will be regularly performed.
  • Effectiveness: determine what specific exercises (i.e. cardio/muscular strength training/flexibility work) you will perform on those days, at those times and for that duration.

Strategy #2: Focus on goal oriented training!

  • Efficiency: if caloric expenditure is your goal but you have less time on a certain day, safely increase your intensity and shorten the duration. Rather than a steady state cardio workout, try anaerobic intervals interspersed throughout which may elevate the level of intensity leading to greater caloric expenditure.
  • Effectiveness: if your goal is to increase your muscular strength level, safely increase the amount of weight and lower the number of repetitions. If your goal is to increase your muscular endurance, decrease the amount of weight and increase the number of repetitions.

Strategy #3: More isn't necessarily better!

  • Efficiency: think about quality rather than quantity. Perform a quality cardio workout performing large range of motion movements with the entire body, but particularly the lower body. Strive for smooth, fluid, and controlled movements rather than more movements.
  • Effectiveness: as with efficiency, think about quality of movement. If you begin to break form during a bicep curl, stop the exercise, re-set the body, consider lowering the weight increment or the number or repetitions, and focus upon slow, controlled movements allowing the muscle to create the movement, not momentum.

Strategy #4: Do not waste time and money on empty promises!

  • Efficiency: avoid products which promise immediate results. There are few situations in life that provide immediate results. Weight gain takes time and weight loss will as well. So, be efficient with your time and money and put it where it will have the greatest long term impact and create lasting results.
  • Effectiveness: focus upon products and programs which are based upon sound scientific research and seek out fitness professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to effectively help you to reach your goals.
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