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Get Ready for Golf Season
Part 1 of 3
By: Jackie Wright

Now is a great time to begin preparation for golf season. While there are dozens of excellent muscular strength training exercises which can improve performance on the golf course as well as prevent injury, try the following three muscular strength training exercises to improve your game.

Always warm-up before you pick up a golf club by performing large muscle movements increasing blood flow to the muscles such as marching in place, walking or jogging at a comfortable pace for five or ten minutes until you begin to perspire. Following this process, perform light stretches held for 8-15 seconds each focusing upon the hamstrings, the quadriceps, the low back and the shoulders.

Leg Press

The Leg Press works the quadriceps as primary movers, the hamstrings and gluteus maximus as secondary movers, and the abductors/adductors and the inner core unit muscles as stabilizers.

  • Sit on a leg press machine with the feet placed upon the vertical center of the plate approximately hip distance apart and your legs flexed 90 degrees at the knee joint.
  • Keep the navel pulled toward the spine and the back straight.
  • Then, while driving through your heels, extend the legs fully maintaining soft knees and keeping your buttocks anchored into the seat throughout the exercise.
  • Return to the beginning position with control and without touching the weights on the weight stack.

Choose a weight that will fatigue your legs within 8-12 repetitions but will not compromise the low back or knee joints.

Perform the leg press, two to three sets of 8-12 repetitions, two to three times per week, slow two counts in/out.

Rotator Cuff - internal and external rotators of the shoulder joint

Choose a weight for both rotator exercises below which will fatigue the muscle within 8-12 repetitions but will not compromise the shoulder joint nor cause you to compensate by moving your torso.

Repeat both internal/external rotation, two to three sets of 8-12 repetitions, two to three times per week, slow two counts in/out or out/in.

Internal Rotators

  • Begin standing at a cable and pulley station with the cable on your right side, your navel pulled toward your spine, your shoulders relaxed, looking straight ahead and your legs shoulder distance apart.
  • Hold the handle in your right hand with the arm flexed 90 degrees at the elbow joint and the axis of the pulley in alignment with your right elbow.
  • Keep your right arm pit closed, your right elbow attached to the torso and your right forearm parallel to the floor.
  • Then, pull the cable across the body causing the shoulder joint to rotate internally (i.e. fist toward the sternum).
  • Return the arm to the beginning position and repeat.

External Rotators

  • Begin in the same position as internal rotators.
  • Then, keep your left arm pit closed, your left elbow attached to the left side of your torso, and your left forearm parallel to the floor.
  • Pull the cable away from the body causing the shoulder joint to rotate externally. The left forearm should terminate as soon as it has reached the point where the shoulder blades are pinched together.
  • Then, return the arm to the beginning position and repeat.
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