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Honor the Work That You Do Every Day
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By: Jackie Wright

It all matters! Every step you take, every revolution of your pedals, every mile you cover, every repetition you perform, every calorie you expend and every time you make the time to train, it counts. And, more importantly, since you are the only one that can actually perform the work, you get to receive the results and enjoy the benefits.

There are not many situations in life that provide us with the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards inherent in a personal lifetime of maintained health and fitness. Some of the many reasons that might be true are improved overall health, stress reduction, being truly fit and physically stronger, more energetic and moving through our lives with a sense of self-confidence and purpose. Feeling good about oneself is pretty hard to beat.>

When you take time to become healthier, less stressed and fitter, everyone around you may benefit as well. When honoring yourself, you honor those that care about you. Additionally, others will notice your improved health/fitness and attitude which may enable you to inspire others to become healthy and fit as well.

I truly believe that consistently performed training programs create miracles every day, on every level. Not a day goes by that one of my clients does not share a personal health/fitness success with me. A personal success may be as simple as performing one more repetition, expending ten more calories per session, or simply being able to get down to the floor to put on your dog’s leash and get back up for a walk without difficulty. It might also be reaching a weight loss/body composition goal, performing a true high intensity interval, completing a triathlon, or performing a full pull up. It is different for each and every client, but it all matters.

Here are a few suggestions for honoring the work you do every day throughout the year. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.


  • Before you begin a training program, establish written, realistic goals, and keep an exercise/food journal so you can track your progress. Tracking your progress is a significant aspect of acknowledging, validating and honoring your work.
  • Prior to each specific training session, allow yourself to feel great about what you have accomplished thus far this week or month.
  • Prepare your mind and body to train—the mind/body are inextricably linked—wherever the mind goes, the body follows.

During your training session

  • Turn off your cell phone and avoid all distractions from the outside world while training. Remember, this is your time.
  • Work hard. When training, train as hard as you are able to that day. Every day is different and you must always listen to your body. Push when you can and back off when you need to do so. Some days it is just about getting through the training session and others about refining it and raising the bar on your performance—roll with it; accept and, again honor it.


  • Feel good about the work you accomplished during the training session you just completed. Immerse yourself in the accomplishment; let those positive feelings motivate you to cross the threshold of your next training session.
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