A Word from Jackie

If you track us on our Facebook page, you will know that we have just had our best fitness class registration since we opened our doors in March of 2007!  Your continued patronage and support enables us to provide you with access

to a plethora of health and fitness benefits improving your ability to enjoy your lives to the fullest—thank you for the opportunity to work with each and every one of you!


We have finally opened our shower/changing room facility and it is spotless and ready for your use—check out the use details below.  Additionally, my office has been relocated down the corridor which has opened up space for storage and fitness use within the studio space—what a difference this has made to all of us.  The new space also includes a conference room, storage and kitchen which we have many plans for in the future.  If you have not checked it out yet, I would be happy to give you the tour.


Cycling Fusion’s Winter Training Program is right around the corner in January, 2013.  If you would like an amazing challenge, this may be the program for you.  We will begin the program hopefully, the third week of January on Saturdays; however, we will be offering the archived version of the program so we are not confined to the live broadcast days/times.  More details to come…

Dec 14: End of Fall-Winter sessions.
Dec 17 - Jan 13: Closed for the Holiday.
Dec 31: Registration for 2013 Winter session begins.
Jan 14: Start of 2013 Winter Session.
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And, we have every intention of offering a TRX Suspension class program as mentioned in our last newsletter as well as eventually purchasing the Pilates Reformer and a rowing machine to spice up our equipment/program formats.


As we do annually, we will be closing for our holiday break as of Saturday, December 15, 2012 for fitness classes through Sunday, January 13, beginning our Winter Session on Monday, January 14, 2013.  Personal training clients may be in the studio beginning again on Wednesday, January 2, 2013. It is hard to believe we are moving into a new year, but it promises to be an exciting one. 


Have a wonderful holiday season, keep up with your workouts now and throughout the season and let’s be ready to hit the ground running in 2013!

Shower Facility Use Guidelines

We now have two keys hanging in the reception area - one for our private restroom and the "rubber duck" for the new shower facility.  On those days when you have to dash off for a meeting or to work, this facility will provide you with easy access to the shower, a secure changing area complete with towels and all you will need to bring are your own toiletries.


You each will have your own storage bin in the changing area so that you may leave your supplies at the studio and not have to cart those along with you daily.  We have had the entire office, shower area and conference room/kitchen thoroughly cleaned and will have it maintained weekly.  All we ask is that you leave it as you found it for the next client’s use.


When you would like to use the facility, please just let me know so that I am aware who is in there and when the facility will be available for the next client.  A huge thank you to Elmer and Mark for a job well done on gutting that space and creating a wonderful amenity for NSF.

Office Space

My office is now located down the corridor and we will eventually have a new entrance door like the ones in the studio with our name and logo prominently displayed.  For now, the door sign just says “office”.


This space enables us to perform our administrative tasks as well as perform body compositions, etc., in a more private environment than in the past.  We hope to host a few events in the conference/kitchen areas as well, but for now, we are just grateful to have this light, inviting space in which to work.

Montiel Clothing Event

On Friday, November 30th, we hosted our first Montiel clothing event at the studio. Everyone who attended made purchases while we enjoyed libation, light appetizers and Dick playing acoustic guitar. It was great fun and we hope to host another event when their spring line comes out. This was a complimentary event for clients and non-clients so make certain to pass the word and take advantage of this value-added service.

"Eat This, Not That" Nutrition Workshop

Our "Eat This, Not That" nutrition workshop was held on Friday, December 7th at the studio. Holly presented an informative, well-organized power point presentation, which included a lively question, answer and discussion segment. Thank you again Holly for another great job! Our next nutrition event will be a healthy cooking workshop held at a client’s home near the end of January 2013. Details will follow, however, we expect to choose a cooking topic which everyone will benefit from, include lunch that we have prepared and enjoy an afternoon of healthy food preparation. There will be a charge for the workshop including Holly’s fees, cost of the food and other expenses. It should be fun, informative and delicious!

Four-week exercise program Challenge

As we do every year, we will be sending you a four-week exercise program for the holiday break.  The key is to do it!  I will make you a deal - if you actually do everything you are asked to do in the program and return from break having maintained your body weight, body composition, girth measurements and fitness level, I will give you your first week of classes free in January 2013 (i.e. this applies to all pre-registered clients for the Winter 2013 session beginning on 1/14/2013 only).  This will require you to take on this challenge seriously and for us to document your body weight, body composition and girth measurements prior to the break.  Then, we will re-measure upon your return and if you have maintained, then you will receive a week free.  Are you up for the challenge?

TRX Suspension System Program

The reason that we have not begun these classes as yet is that TRX had a few infrastructure issues with the products that we wanted rectified prior to beginning this program.  Once we are assured to our satisfaction, then we will begin offering the program, hopefully in February of 2013. 

Pilates Reformer and Rowers

We are still working on this purchase for 2013 and for the right location within the studio, so we appreciate your patience during this process.  The process includes extensive training on our part, so that we may offer you the safest and most effective use of the equipment.

Cycling Fusion 2013

We are offering our Cycling Fusion Winter Training Program again this year beginning on the 19th of January, 2013! Since we are featuring the archived version of this program, this affords us more scheduling flexibility; therefore, we will be taking two breaks during the 12-week program so that we all may have a Saturday off now and then. The program includes a 30 minute lecture, a one hour ride which will gradually increase to two hours by weeks 10-12 followed by a 30 minute cross training segment. This program is presented by world class cyclists, registered dieticians, USA cycling coaches and other fitness professionals. All aspects of cycle training are measured including power, VO2max, Threshold 1 and 2, Ventilatory Threshold, Heart Rate, Ratings of Perceived Exertion and Heart Zones Training—if you can measure it, you can improve it! Everyone from novices to elite athletes may benefit from this program.

The cost breaks down as follows: $540.00 for the 12-week program; $216.00 is paid directly, up front to Cycling Fusion, and the remaining $324.00 is paid to NSF in three monthly installments. This will include two, in-studio fitness classes of your choice, consequently, you will receive the Saturday winter training sessions, plus the in-studio classes for 12 weeks at $45.00/week. You essentially are paying for 60 hours of training at $9.00 an hour, which is an amazing opportunity. Once everyone has registered, and we would like to keep the class size to 5-8 riders on Saturdays, then we will reach a consensus regarding which Saturdays to take off as a group. Additionally, if you miss a Saturday class, then we will arrange a time for you to come in and do a make up, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this program. There will be a registration sheet at the front desk this week and you may also contact me during our break via email, text or phone to register. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Give the Gift of Fitness This Year

This year, give the gift of fitness to a friend or loved one! You may make the gift certificate for any amount, whether it is for fitness classes or personal training sessions. Some clients just place a specific value of their choice and permit the recipient to decide how they would like to utilize the gift certificate and that works great. If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for someone special, you may do it in studio through the morning of Friday, the 14th or once I return on the 23rd of December. Additionally, you may purchase the gift certificate on the website at www.neversummerfitness.com. You will still need to physically pick up the certificate or request that it is mailed directly to the recipient. Keep me posted with any questions.

Statistics Journals for our Cycling Program

Many of you who participate in our cycling program have been recording your statistical data on your personal statistics journals. We are tracking our progress because if we can measure it, we can improve it. However, where does that leave the rest of you who do not participate in cycling? Well, we have not forgotten about you, and plan on implementing a tracking system for you too in 2013.

NSF Referral Program

Every newsletter we mention our referral program to remind you that when you refer someone who registers for personal training or fitness classes, you will receive a one-hour complimentary personal training session.  Please take advantage of this value-added service - it is a win-win!

Keep Us Apprised

Everyone has a time when they must miss a class due to injury or illness. And, many of you regularly keep us apprised of your schedule changes which we greatly appreciate. When you are registered for a class, we expect you to be there unless you have phoned us, texted or emailed us. Otherwise, we will wait for you until the designated class time. This has become a bit of an issue with a few of you and we would ask you to please contact us regarding your schedule changes as soon as you become aware of those changes. Many mornings, particularly early mornings, everyone but one or two clients have arrived and we sit there waiting to no avail. This is unfair to those that need to get to work as we could have begun the class, sometimes, 10-15 minutes early which is a huge benefit to everyone. Put my cell number into your directory, 970-531-3541, my email in your phone, NSFGL@comcast.net or text me as I keep my phone on until class time. Thank you for your consideration!

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