A Word from Jackie
We are back from a three-week summer break and raring to go! Our Fall 2013 session began on Monday, September 16th and will complete on Friday, November 8th, 2013. We will not have a break between sessions and will flow right into the following six-week Fall/Winter
2013 session beginning on Monday, November 11th – Thursday, December 19th, 2013. Please do keep in mind that as always, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following (i.e. the 28th and 29th of November) we will be closed.

However, we are only taking a three-week break this holiday season for the first time as the studio is historically closed for four weeks, but you, our valued clients, have requested we remain open longer, so we will be delighted to accommodate you!

The new studio space is working out great for yoga, kickboxing circuit and step interval classes and will be the home of our Pilates Reformer program sometime this fall. We are working on making that program a reality and appreciate your patience while the details come together. See below for more details.

Beginning on the 14th of October, 2013, we will begin our 4-week "Move It and Lose It" contest. We will encourage you to form teams, be creative and give your team a fitness-oriented clever name, with teams up to two/five clients per team. We will measure your body weight, body composition and girth measurements prior to the beginning of the contest, weekly and at the end of the contest. The team that loses the most overall body weight, body fat and girth, will each win their choice of a step, BOSU or set of kettlebells!

The results will be posted by team so that your individual totals will not be displayed; however, we want a healthy competition to unfold. The key is to promote health and fitness every day and to prove it by working together to build a fitter, healthier body forever. Check out the details below.
Sept 16: Fall 2013 Session begins.
Oct 14: "Move It and Lose It" Contest begins.
Oct 21: Registration for the 6-week Fall/Winter 2013 Session begins.
Nov 8: "Move It and Lose It" Contest concludes.
Nov 8: Fall 2013 Session ends.
Nov 11: Fall/Winter 2013 6-week session begins.
Nov 28-29: Studio closed for Thanksgiving.
Dec 19: Final day of Fall/Winter 2013 6-week session.
Dec 20: No Friday Classes.
Dec 30: Registration for the Winter 2014 8-week session begins.
Jan 13: Winter 2014 8-week session begins.
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We will also be offering our own Never Summer Fitness Winter Training Program this January 2014. The past two years we have offered Cycling Fusion's Winter Training Program which has been great. However, we felt after two years of facilitating their program that we could offer this program ourselves tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, check out the details below for this incredible opportunity.

As always, we love you, our NSF clientele! We live to keep you fit and healthy, reach your fitness goals, whatever those may be and to continue creating a warm, inviting environment that encourages you to happily walk through our doors. We know this is an investment and we appreciate your continued faith in our commitment to you. Thank you for your patronage and support and have a fantastic fall!
Never Summer Fitness Pilates Apparatus Program
We are very excited to offer the NSF Pilates Apparatus Program! While there is no magic to Pilates or any other fitness discipline and no one method does it all, this program will compliment any other program you are participating in currently. Pilates concentrates on strengthening and lengthening the body with an emphasis on strengthening the entire core. With consistent performance, you may improve posture, experience significant strength gains throughout the body, improve stability, mobility and move with greater confidence and control.

Initially, this program will be limited to four clients per class. The smaller class size helps to ensure the safety and effectiveness of training on Pilates apparatus (i.e. in this case, the reformer). The format will include two clients on the reformers with two on the mat, all performing Pilates skills/drills. Then, the clients will switch positions enabling all four valuable time mastering the apparatus and mat Pilates skills/drills.

The cost of the program will be $25.00/class per client and we will offer the program on Wednesdays at 11AM-12:15PM initially with the hope of adding one or two more classes eventually. You may register weekly, or register for four classes in advance for $20/class. The advantage of registering for four classes at a time is that your slot will be guaranteed and it is more cost effective over the long term.

We will also utilize the reformer for personal training sessions and the cost will be the same as all Never Summer Fitness private sessions (i.e. $100 for a one-time session; $75.00 per session if ten sessions are purchased at once; $50.00 per session for clients referred directly from their physical therapist or physician for post-rehabilitative training). You may utilize personal training gift certificates for these personal training sessions and if you have any unused, paid-for personal training sessions, including those you received through our referral program, you may utilize those as well.

*Note: If you have a personal training gift certificate purchased via a charity auction, these have no cash value. Consequently, you may utilize those gift certificates for a one-hour personal training session only.

If you choose to utilize a makeup of a regular NSF fitness class, you would then pay the difference between that class fee and the Pilates class fee (i.e. regular classes are $15.00/class for registered clients, so an additional $10.00 is required to utilize a makeup in a Pilates class).

Punch cards may be utilized as well; however, the difference between the punch card per/class fee of $18.00 and the $25.00/class for Pilates would then be paid.

Drop-ins, due to the small class size, are a bit risky as we expect these classes to fill. However, you know that if I can accommodate you, I will. So, always feel free to contact me and I will do my best to work out a viable solution for you.

We will offer a "trial" morning to introduce all NSF clientele to our NSF Pilates Apparatus Program. This morning will be dedicated to demonstrating the reformer and the mat aspects to the program and for those of you that wish to, you may "try out" a skill/drill or two to see how the equipment works. Dates and times will be displayed in the studio and I will send out an email blast to all current clients so that you may register for this complimentary morning. More details will follow soon, so please stay tuned into NSF emails and other communications.
NSF "Move It and Lose It" Contest
Beginning Monday, October 14th, 2013 we will kick off our four-week "Move It and Lose It" contest! This is a really fun way to motivate yourself and your fellow clients as we head into the holiday season to lose any unwanted body fat and body weight and work toward that goal as a team. I will provide specific details and guidelines for the program to you in the studio and in email blasts; however, the following are the fundamentals:
  • The week prior to the contest, all registered contestants will come into the studio for measurement of your body composition, girth measurement and body weight. This will be confidentially recorded so that the only statistic seen on our "progress board" will be the "team's" progress.
  • Re-measurement will take place weekly. You will individually schedule those measurements with me so that we can keep track. We want this contest to be fair, equitable and to feature meaningful data and results.
  • Each team may be 2-5 members in size and each team will decide on a name for the team which is fitness-oriented and accurately defines your team. This needs to be decided the week prior to the contest beginning as I must create the display board accordingly.
  • If members drop out of your team, you may not add another member unless you "steal" them from another team because we all must begin and end the program to ensure validity. *If an emergency arises, we will deal with it at that time.
  • Remember this is just as much about the calories you input as those you output, if not more. So, create that team spirit and get together to discuss strategies for positively changing your body compositions. I am available to consult with each team.
  • Set specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely goals for the four weeks (i.e. S.M.A.R.T.). You should create individual goals as well as team goals and be accountable to one another.
  • Create a healthy competition with your fellow teams! Get out there and challenge them to do battle with your team.
  • The four-week contest concludes on Friday, November 8th, which is also the end of the first 8-week session.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the winners only. This will be the team that has the greatest body composition decrease, body weight loss, and girth measurement loss collectively. The prizes will be a step platform, BOSU Balance Trainer or a kettlebell set of equal value to the step or BOSU. As winners, you will each choose which you prefer and I will order the equipment for you.
  • This is a solid investment for NSF in your ability to succeed, work together as team mates and go into this holiday season healthier and happier.
  • So get busy pulling together your teams and get ready for a great contest!
NSF Winter Training Program
We will begin our NSF Winter Training Program on Saturday, January 24th, for 8 weeks with a one week break that we will determine as a group during our orientation. The program is shorter this year and the duration of the Saturday sessions will be limited to approximately two hours progressing through the training (i.e. the first ride will be one hour and we will gradually increase our riding time throughout the eight weeks). Our goal will be to offer this training program to enable NSF clientele to do the following:
  • Add an additional workout to your workout week. Some of you expressed an interest in just "getting in" another training day each week and this will definitely fulfill that goal. We will progress you through the 8-weeks; however, how you utilize that information is up to you.
  • Some of you would like to prepare for a cycling event and this is an excellent way to train on the bike during inclement weather. You will be able to track your progress and will let me know exactly what your goal is for the 8-week training program and I will gear aspects directly for you. This will not interfere with those that just want to ride!
  • Improve your cycling ability, increase your weekly caloric expenditure, provide a fun, environment utilizing virtual rides, some of which I will coach and others we will enjoy the coaching expertise of other trainers in the industry.
All of that said, there will be extensive information regarding the program provided to you later this fall. So, keep an eye on those email blasts, Facebook and our communication within the studio. If you have not taken advantage of this excellent program, give it some serious thought this year and challenge yourself for 2014.
NSF Referral Program
Wow, was our referral program a hit this summer—thank you! Our revenue generation increased 20-30% this summer and that was due, in part, to your referrals. We are in this together. Every client that joins us, creates more revenue for this entire community. It truly is a trickle down economic situation and just like any other business, we have stakeholders which rely upon our business continuing to be successful. They then spread their income out in the community in all of the other businesses in town. So, thank you again, and keep those referrals coming. Remember, you receive a one-hour personal training session with me for any referral that registers for fitness classes or personal training. We can work on whatever you chose to and that is money in your fitness bank!
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