A Word from Jackie
It is so wonderful to be back “in the saddle” with all of you after such a trying time in our lives. You have truly been there for us throughout and we are eternally grateful for your love and support. Due to my mother’s passing, we were
closed for two weeks and we appreciate your patience while we put our lives back together again.

Our current session will complete on Friday, May 17th and we will begin the next 8-week session immediately on May 20th-July 12th—NO BREAK! You may register on-line, as usual, or in the studio beginning Monday, the 6th of May. There will be a registration sheet in the studio for you to sign so that I am aware what your intentions are for this next session. If you have any questions, or special needs, please do not hesitate to discuss those with me—the sooner the better as I am anticipating a very busy Spring/Summer 2013 session.

Some exciting news for our business—we have expanded into the lovely space across the corridor from the main studio and will be developing both a yoga and Pilates program within that space. We also intend to purchase Pilates Reformers, which has been in the works for quite a while, but we needed the space before purchasing. Read on for further details.

We are also planning on our annual complimentary “Rest and Relaxation Day” on Friday, May 24th at 10AM. More details below, but this is a wonderful opportunity to come in for a relaxing stretch, myofascial release and meditation.
May 6: Registration begins for 8-week Spring Session.
May 17: End of 8-week Winter-Spring Session.
May 20: Start of 8-week Spring Session.
May 24: Rest and Relaxation Day - 10AM.
May 27: Studio Closed for Memorial Day.
July 5: Studio closed for Independence Day.
July 12: End of 8-week Spring Session.
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Check out the calendar in this newsletter for important dates to be aware of and note the “Race Across America” 4-week event we will be featuring in the latter part of this next session. Thank you again for all you do, have a wonderful May and continue with us on this fitness journey.
Spring 2013 Session: Register Now!
As mentioned previously, the next session begins on May 20th-July 12th, 2013. You may register on-line or in the studio. Please keep in mind that our 8AM Boot Camp and Cycling Fusion classes fill consistently, so if you intend to register for those, make certain to sign the sheet at the front desk so that I am aware of what your intentions are for the next session. As always, if you have special needs for this next session, just chat with me about it—I am flexible and will do everything possible to work out a viable schedule for you.
Cycling Fusion’s Winter Training Program - Completed!
Cycling Fusion’s Winter Training Program completed this past Saturday the 11th and was successful for each client. We intend to offer this program again next January and highly encourage you to take that 12-week challenge. You will be amazed what an impact winter training has, not just on your cycling abilities, but your fitness level in general. Thank you to all that participated—great job!
New Space: Yoga-Pilates and more!
Many of you have taken yoga classes from Lisa Turan, owner of Stillwater Yoga. However, she will hopefully be joining us at Never Summer Fitness as well to launch our yoga program. We will probably just begin with once a week to enable the program to grow, but we are excited to be working together. Pilates Reformers will also be purchased, probably just a couple initially, but this equipment expands traditional Mat Pilates formats and enables the client to perform 200-300 exercises on the reformer to strengthen the entire body, specifically the core and to lengthen as well. There are details to be worked out, as always, but we will keep you posted as those materialize. We may also use the space for Kickboxing Circuit and Step Interval from time to time. Mirrors and speakers must be installed; class schedule, class formats and some equipment purchases, etc., so we appreciate your patience while we progress.
Office Space/Shower Facilities: Take Note
Many of you have been into the office space we began leasing back in November which we love; however, from the beginning we intended to locate someone to share the office space with and have done so. The shower/bathroom is still there for your use; however, you will want to make certain to lock the door, for privacy and you will need to remain in the changing room space while getting ready. Also, it would be a good idea to begin locking the other bathroom door when you are using it. When we begin adding the yoga/Pilates programs, those clients will be using those facilities as well and classes will be running concurrently.
Rest and Relaxation Day: Complimentary - Just for you
Our annual Rest and Relaxation Day is approaching on Friday, May 24th at 10AM. There will be a sign-up sheet at the front desk and we will limit the number of clients to 12. This is a complimentary—value-added service provided to you, our wonderful clientele, and all you have to do is show up and enjoy. We will begin with a gentle warm-up to prepare the body, myofascial release to breakdown the density of the fasical tissue, meditate, visualize and then perform a pure stretch likely to send you floating throughout the rest of your day. Please sign up only if you truly intend to attend as this event always fills up.
Race Across America Event: Keep an eye out for further details
We hope to offer this fun event approximately halfway through the next session. We have done similar events through the years such as our “Ride Across Colorado”, however, this event, four weeks in duration; will take us across our beautiful nation rather than just our wonderful state. Designed to keep you on track, even those of you that do not participate in the cycling program will have the opportunity to “race”. Every class you attend will take you to a new destination and you will be able to track your progress on the map displayed in the studio. Prizes will be awarded for the first three clients to make it from the east to west coast in the four-week period. You may also form teams, name the team and compete against other teams to make this a genuine “race”! More details to follow!
New Clients at Never Summer Fitness
If you have not had the opportunity, please take a moment and welcome the following new clients to our family—Laura Trezoglou, Elizabeth Dailey, Pat Jones, Jeanne Campbell, Jon Cook, Bob and Deb Gahan, Katie Cleary, Kandi Carpenter, Charles Hauck, and CJ Cebul—welcome to all of you!
Holidays: Mark your calendars
We will be closed on Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day and on Friday, July 5th (the day after July 4th—we are OPEN on the 4th!) the day we chose to close for the holiday weekend. There are always email blasts to remind you, notes on the front door, and many reminders during your classes and personal training appointments.
Nutrition and Exercise Program: We have not forgotten!
We fully intend to offer a nutrition and exercise program product within 2013. Holly Klamer, MS RD and I will be designing this program and as soon as we have the details completed, we will unveil the product to you. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Holly and her nutrition presentations, workshops and the heart healthy cooking class this year. More to come…
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