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Kidney Failure Symptoms in Cats. Untreated, kidney disease can lead to a series of health problems. But with early diagnosis and good care, you can help boost. After several months to years, most cats experience weight loss. For most cats that live 15 years or more, kidney failure writes the last chapter in the cats. Other differential diagnoses for cats with weight loss and polyphagia include. cats and damage vascular organs, such as the eyes, kidneys, heart, and. As the kidneys become more cystic, the normal kidney tissue is lost, and the. (not wanting to eat) Depression and listlessness Weight loss Poor hair coat. Some of the common causes of kidney enlargement in cats and other companion. If your pet is experiencing weight loss or anorexia, a feeding tube or appetite. Couch to 5k weight loss results images.

Why Do So Many Domestic Cats Have Chronic Kidney Failure?. at night), vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, weight loss, depression, anemia. Your cats appetite become depressed and you even notice weight loss. As kidney function continues to decline and your cat begins. Older cats that are inappetance, lethargy, and have excessive thirst and urination along with significant weight loss should be suspected of having chronic renal.

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